Language courses

German and English

You are looking for a competent German or English teacher for your employees, your children or for yourself?

I offer private language courses for every age and level.



Whether for professional or private purpose, whether beginner or advanced level, I can help you make fast progress in German or English. I adapt exactly to your needs and preferences and will keep you motivated with methods that suits the student's type of learning.

Group lessons

You don't like to study alone? I offer group lessons with 2-4 participants.

Group lessons are recommended for children, because they learn by playing and imitating.

In my courses you learn not only a new language, but also a new culture. Intercultural competence is the ability to understand people from other countries, societies and cultures and to communicate successfully with them. I believe that learning languages helps to break down cultural barriers.

Individual lessons

The one-to-one lessons focus on you and your goals: do you want to learn everyday language or do you want to practice professional and technical language?


I am open to your desires and goals: Would you like to improve your oral or written skills? Do you want to focus on understanding (hearing/reading) or expression (speaking, phone calls, writing) in the respective language?

You proceed at your own pace, you determine the learning content and you also enjoy my undivided attention - the best condition to make good progress in the short time!


Children and adults of all levels

I teach every age and every level: 


I introduce young participants (pre-schoolers and primary school children) to the rich experience of a foreign language in an uncomplicated and fun way, I tutor students and give help with their homework or with exam preparation (collège and lycée), I give specifically designed courses for professional purposes, refresher trainings, crash courses "for the holidays" or conversation classes.