Christine Lehuby

Translator and private teacher for German and English


Foreign languages are my passion. It started when I moved to Bavaria with my non-Bavarian parents at the age of three and I got immersed into my first foreign language: the Bavarian. 


Other foreign languages were to follow. At school I learned English, Latin and French. I went to the USA for a year before I graduated from high school.

My field of study was therefore right on target: International Information Management at the University of Hildesheim. The Master's program combined information and linguistics. It should analyze questions of intercultural communication from a linguistic perspective on the one hand and multilingual information and communication processes from an information science perspective on the other.


As a young graduate, I moved to Paris, France in 2005. I first worked as a language coordinator at AURALOG, then as an International Training Administrator at ALSTOM. At the same time I started teaching German and English to private students. Eventually, I wanted to devote myself exclusively to teaching in order to better understand and explain the complexities of the German and English language. I worked as a teacher at various primary schools in Versailles and later at a high school in Le-Mesnil-Saint-Denis (78).


When I came across an honorary translation of an NGO my passion for languages took on a new dimension and "" was launched. Since then I have been working as a freelance translator and German and English teacher for private students of all ages and levels. The focus of my work is always on the people with their individual needs and abilities, as a teacher as well as a translator.